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Title: Les "Entrées royales" in Transilvania and the Banat (18th - 19th century). : Discourse and Representation
Authors: Radosav, Doru
Keywords: Intrări regale -- Banat (România) -- Sec. 18-19;Royal entries -- Banat (Romania) -- 18-19th century;Intrări regale -- Transilvania (România) -- Sec. 18-19;Royal entries -- Transylvania (Romania) -- 18-19th century;Împăraţi -- Călătorii -- Banat (România) -- Sec. 18-19;Emperors -- Journeys -- Banat (Romania)-- 18-19th century;Emperors -- Journeys -- Transylvania (Romania)-- 18-19th century;Împăraţi -- Călătorii -- Transilvania (România) -- Sec. 18-19;Transilvania (România) -- Istorie -- Sec. 18-19;Transylvania (Romania)-- History -- 18-19th century;Banat (România) -- Istorie -- Sec. 18-19;Banat (Romania)-- History -- 18-19th century;Imperiul Austro-Ungar -- Relaţii externe -- Transilvania (România);Imperiul Austro-Ungar -- Relaţii externe -- Banat (România);Austro-Hungarian Monarchy -- Foreign relations -- Transylvania (Romania);Austro-Hungarian Monarchy -- Foreign relations -- Banat (Romania);Habsburg (Familia);Habsburg, House of
Issue Date: 2004
Series/Report no.: Colloquia : Journal of Central European History
Description: Les "Entrées royales" in Transilvania and the Banat (18th - 19th century). : Discourse and Representation. - In: Colloquia : Journal of Central European History, an 2004, vol. 10-11, nr. 1-2, p. 158-189.
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